Welcome to Our School

What a pleasure to have you on your virtual visit of Mustard Seed International Schools [MSIS]!

This website has information about our schools’ operations and cherished values. You will get to read about what we have to offer before you get the opportunity to undertake the highly recommended in-person visit to our campus which grants you a much better feel of who we are; more so because the warmness and vibrancies of our immersion into our invaluable educational agenda come to live through a one-on-one interaction.

Our various Sections invite you to visit their pages and learn why Mustard Seed International schools continue to be an international Centre of excellence in the holistic upbringing of the child.

As a school accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), we are confident that this is the best place to study. The MSIS Community is a vibrant setup with a beehive of activities and an extremely warm family that remains an attraction to many who treasure education for its true significance. We take great pride in ourselves as a caring home of quality. Here education is undertaken as a serious business, yet full of fun and memorable experiences.

As the Head of Center, I must say that we are such an imposing center of distinction. MSIS is a great place to work and study. Mainly so because we remain steadfast in our endeavours and faithful to our values as the key ties that bind us in our ever progressive journey to greater heights of success.

With well trained and supported staff of professionals, committed and engaged parents and disciplined students that embrace a cultured approach to school life, we are a well-knit fabric of ever ready educators and learners. Being around such people is my true inspiration as a leader who realizes that such are folks who deserve nothing but the best in management and leadership. It then follows that I have no option to that of always being on my toes.

Sydney J. Harris said, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” At MSIS we strive to open up the eyes and minds of our learners to the good opportunities that life has to offer through a rich and broad based curriculum and activities.
Here's hoping that you will have a fun-filled virtual journey through our school!


Mr. Abraham Lubanga
Head of Center, MSIS

Welcome from the Deputy Head of Center

To quote our catch-phrase, “A home of quality, fun and care,” our learners thrive in an environment where acceptance, freedom and creative flair is encouraged. An environment where fun and healthy habits are seen as vital ingredients to a happy life.

This pleasant environment is established courtesy of well-qualified, professional and caring staff who always put the needs of the learners first, as they interact seamlessly with the learners. Our school community believes in the holistic development of the learner. Our vision is to ensure that all students perform to the best of their ability during their educational journey while with us.

We embrace the international curriculum for we are confident of its value in preparing our learners for the demands of higher learning and life. We endeavour to develop active, compassionate and lifelong learners, who are dynamic and amiable to humanity and its diversity. This is achieved through rigorous and diverse programmes that avail students of opportunities to enhance their shills, strengths and virtues, while ably addressing their areas of weaknesses.

We are passionate about upholding our school values namely; Communication, Integrity, Service, Teamwork, Excellence and Professionalism. We ensure that our community set-up is built on binding ties that make us hold each other, as stakeholders, accountable to these values. This ensures we all are good examples to one another, thereby living the Mustardian culture through our words and action.

Mr. Kihumba Kariuki
Deputy Head of Center, MSIS